La Louve Rémoise | Boutique à Reims

La Louve Rémoise | Shop in Reims

It all started in 2016 for La Bougie Particulière. The need to create scented candles that respect the environment was stronger than anything for Ségolène. She started to create her own candles in her small workshop in Reims, and a happy event allowed her to increase the activity of La Bougie Particulière... The creation of The Rémoise she-wolf.

In 2017, several craftsmen, artists and creators come together to form the association Les Ephémarts. This association was represented by an ephemeral shop so much appreciated that the project to create a permanent shop came into being in a hurry.

The Rémoise she-wolf was then created in the heart of the city of Reims and opens its doors all year round to a proud clientele of these products from local crafts.

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